Fleet which is synonymous
with reliability

Fleet which is synonymous with reliability

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DTS Fleet

Our fleet is the pillar of the DTS company. Thanks to it every day we serve hundreds of orders a day from small transport, through ful truckload transport, home delivery services to relocation services of companies and individual customers. There is 115 cars in our fleet which allows us transporting any amount of property and availability of up to 6 different vehicle models for various application gives us the opportunity to carefully choose the appropriate means of transport to the specifics of each service.

We are taking care of the quality of our services as we put special emphasis on punctuality as well as security of carried property. The use of modern technological solutions as well as a wide range of security equipment available in our cars whose age does not exceed 3 years is a guarantee of satisfaction of our customers who come back to us with pleasure.

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18 years of experience

18 years of presence in the TSL sector has enabled us not only to expand the diverse fleet of vehicles but also accumulate rich experience in various aspects of transport, forwarding and logistics. As a result we developed solutions and methods of planning each service translated into maximization of efficiency of our services and reduction of time of their execution.

115 cars

We have 115 cars available for different application ready to transport any type of goods to any place across the country and abroad. Such expanded fleet allows us to effectively plan each type of transport from simple removal services and home delivery to complex removals of entire companies and transport of full assortment of warehouses.

28 tons of capacity

We have various cars with a capacity of 28 tons so we are able to transport goods regardless of its overall dimension including a wide range of heavy machinery and specialized equipment. Additional use of elevators with a capacity of 2 tons enables us to increase efficiency and reduce loading time.

6 types of cars

The fleet includes up to 6 types of cars with different destination and capacity (up to 90m3). This wide range of available trucks allows us to plan each service effectively and to select a cars adapted to any kind of order appropriately.

Thanks to our trucks we completed over 1 000 000 orders!

Versatile use

Among our 115 cars we have up to 6 different cars with different cubic capacity and so we are able to transport any type of property regardless of number and gauge.

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Diversified capacity

In our fleet we have cars with different cubic capacity from 2.5 to 28 tons ready to transport any type of cargo. Part of cars are equipped with a lift with a capacity of 2 ton for easy loading of heavy goods.

Transport of nonstandard goods

The cars we use are adapted for the carriage of nonstandard goods which require special transport conditions such as goods requiring controlled temperature.

Full truckload transport

We provide transport services in the field of transportation of full truckloads. Loads are transported using refrigerated vehicles, tarpaulins and curtains. Shipments are being done using cars with a wide range of capacity.

Less than truckload transport

Besides full trucklload transport we offer our customers partial transport. With skillful planning we enable the connection of several supplies thereby reducing the supply price with no significant difference in the time of implementation.

Reliable condition

Each of our cars is subjected to rigorous diagnosis and is regularly reviewed. In addition, the age of our vehicles does not exceed 3 years which gives us the certainty of being failure-free and reliable in delivery service.

Age of cars under 3

We attach great importance to the security of the property of our customers so age of our vehicles does not exceed 3 years. This is a fundamental guarantee of reliability of our transport services translated into satisfaction of our customers.

Regular inspection and diagnostics

All our cars are regularly checked and diagnosed on their key components. This ensures that our deliveries are always on time and the quality of our services is at the highest level.

Compliance with the Euro 5 standard

At every step of our activity we care about the environment so all of our fleet consists only of vehicles that meet all applicable standards, including Euro 5 emissions standard.

Proven brand

Safety and reliability are our top priority which is why we focus on proven and respected brands of trucks ready to meet any challenge.

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Equipment of professionals

Our every car is equipped with professional transportation equipment as well as all kinds of protective materials allowing us to transport property without fear for its safety.

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Transport protection

A set of straps (holding side of the vehicle includes handles to bind the belts), load securing strips and anti-slip flooring are provided for each vehicle. The most important matter is the security of transported property of our clients.

Additional protection

In addition to traditional security of transport we have additional safety features such as stretch foil, bubble foil, blankets, etc. So we are sure that the goods have been duly protected and will go to the customer intact.

Delivery equipment

Depending on the specific contract for professional services we supply our cars in trolleys and pallet jacks for safe finalization of the transport service as well as increased loading safety.

Additional equipment

Each of the cars is provided with the equipment used by our employees in case of the assembly service which includes all the necessary tools to enable quick and safe installation.

Technological support

In our business, reliability matters, so much emphasis is placed on technological solutions in the field of locating and communication systems as well as efficient planning of routes through which carried goods are always delivered to the indicated address just in time.

Navigation equipment

Our cars are equipped with the most modern superior locating and navigation systems enabling us not only shorten the time of delivery to the customer but also constantly monitor the current position of our cars.

Communication equipment

In addition to location devices equipped in all our cars we equip the cars with communication systems that allow us efficiently coordinate the transport team as well as to eliminate any consequences of random obstacles on the road.

Route planning system

Our entire fleet is supported with route planning program which takes into account various factors such as road traffic and allows us the maximum reduction of travel time.

Precise notification

Our notification system is based on the indications of locating equipment so that we are able to indicate precisely the estimated time of delivery to the customer.

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"Bezpiecznajazda.com" program

The bezpiecznajazda.com program was designed for participants in traffic who meet our vans and want to evaluate their behavior on the road or contact with the driver. As a result, we have even more control over the skills of our drivers as well as possibility of increasing the quality of our services.

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Drivers' behavior control

We constantly monitor driving behavior of our drivers. Running through the hotline and the contact form we encourage all road users to share their remarks and praises on our drivers.

Quality improvement

All submissions of remarks and praises into our system are meticulously analyzed by our staff so it allow us to implement new procedures and solutions for drivers and thus avoid errors.

Comfort and safety

Continuous improvement of skills and awareness of our drivers allows us to build comfort and safety of not only our customers but also to road users and third parties.

Our fleet

DTS Group has a fleet of more than 115 standardized vans from Mercedes Benz which performs every day transport services for its customers. All our cars are designed to carry delicate freight, requiring precise fastening during transport. Each vehicle is provided with:

• set of straps,
• blankets used to isolate individual elements,
• GPS, CB radio and other communication devices,
• anti-slip flooring,
• container body type.

We attach great importance to the security of cargo. The average age of our vehicles does not exceed 3 years. Our fleet and its state is regularly inspected at authorized service stations. In addition, our cars meet Euro 5 emissions standard.

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Tandem IVECO + trailer
90 m3, DMC 28T

This set is used for large international shipments. Its cubic capacity and volume are successful enough to carry almost any quantity of goods at the end of the world.

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45 m3, DMC 12000 kg

Truck of such class is destined to perform the toughest tasks. Equipped with an elevator with a capacity of 2T can safely carry any load, both at home and abroad.

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35 m3, DMC 7500 kg

Truck for city logistics. Thanks to its total mass - 7.5T it can enter the city without special permits. The large capacity make it the primary mean of transport for larger services.

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Mercedes Sprinter container
18 m3, DMC 3.5T

The largest group of cars in our fleet. Ideal for city logistics. Container body type eases loading and safe fixation of goods. Each truck is equipped with straps and bars for fastening delicate cargo such as furniture and home electronics / appliances.

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Mercedes Sprinter furgon
12 m3, DMC 3.5T

These cars excel at long distances. Their main advantages are small combustion, high speed and comfort. Thanks to them employees can quickly and safely deliver cargo to the destination point.

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Peugeot Partner
3 m3, DMC 2.5T

This is the smallest vehicle in our fleet. Used in the supply of small deliveries to the customers. Often used by teams of employees, as a means of personal transport.

A wide range of used vehicles allows us to offer the vehicle precisely tailored to the needs of the customer during the service.


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