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At your service.
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New quality of Home Delivery service

Ordering products without leaving home has become common. Imagine, however, that you can always see who will deliver your desired article, how do employees look like, by what kind of car it will be delivered. Imagine that you can check the time of delivery, route, and even current location on the map. Imagine that you these workers bring your equipment, assemble, install, set, and throw out unnecessary packaging and at the end they say they did it with pleasure. Imagine the people who take care of absolutely everything.

Imagine DTS Transport.

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Meet DTS Transport

DTS is a specialized transport company from TSL industry providing comprehensive transport and assembly, such as home delivery services, LTL (less than truckload), FTL (full truck load), as well as contract logistics. For 20 years we deliver full service for furniture, electronics and construction stores. Thanks to our professional equipment and skilled workers every day we can provide services at the highest level.

Complex Home Delivery

Our Home Delivery Service, in addition to the usual delivery is extended with bringing of goods, unpacking, assembling furniture, installing electronic devices / appliances, cleaning up unnecessary packaging and recycling of waste equipment. In addition, we have prepared for our customers a panel which in addition to the necessary information relating to delivery shows the exact time of delivery of goods enabling customers to freely plan the day.

Full truckload and
partial transport

Our company specializes in FTL transport (full truck loads) consisting of transport of goods from the place of receipt to the destination point designated by the customer under the terms of an order. In addition, we offer LTL (partial transport), through which customer has the possibility to transport smaller loads without incurring the cost of renting the entire truck.


We also provide comprehensive logistics services. Through the use of warehouse space located throughout the country and efficient logistics we help our clients deal with the full outsourcing of logistics services - from delivery of goods from the customer to our warehouses, unloading and deconsolidation, through storage to comprehensive service of securing goods, loading and distribution.

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When moving means serenity

The ideal move is one in which you are free from worries, in which find peace. Peace of mind in which you do not have to do anything at all. No need to outline the detailed plan, no need to care about the purchase of packing materials, cartons, special containers, you do not have to secure elevators and corridors. In the end, you do not have to pack the entire property, carry it and unpack. You do not have to worry about where to store part of the carried goods and how to dispose of redundant ones. You do not have to clean up. You do not have to worry. You do not have to do anything ...

…when you can use DTS Relocations.

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Meet DTS Relocations

DTS Pleasant Relocations is the largest Polish company providing professional removal services for companies, offices, institutions and individuals. We execute even unusual orders, transfer of archives, heavy equipment or other related to customer's industry. Our skilled professionals perfectly know how to safely transport valuable furniture, appliances and equipment. As part of the move, we also offer the possibility of disconnecting and connecting IT equipment. We deal with professional packaging and securing company assets and documentation. In addition, we offer our customers a range of additional services tailored to their expectations.


Moving a company is a major logistical and organizational challenge for office workers this is why we offer our customers comprehensive solutions that help optimize costs and its duration. Our company demonstrates flexibility in the planning of the entire service. Depending on the client's needs we modify our range of services. Our service at each stage is well planned and organized. Before starting work on the facility we prepare an accurate schedule. In addition, our customers receive from us extensive operational support which will help go through the whole process of moving to new premises.

protection of property

Loading property on our van is always a planned process. We set it in a safe and secure manner using transport belts and anti-slip mats. Even the unusual dimensions is not a problem for us. Thanks to our professional materials we guarantee the safety of transported property regardless of its size or shape. Always before starting our work we exactly secure corridors and lifts so that nothing is damaged during the transportation of articles of large dimensions.

20 years
of experience

From 1 January 2000 we provide removal services. Since then every year we constantly improve our qualifications. We operate in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. This guarantees consistent quality of our services. With the procedures applied in our company you can be calm because each of the thousands of removals organized by the DTS is under control. In addition, we are members of trade associations such as the American Moving and Storage Association, International Association of Movers and Polish Association of Movers.

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Harmony of punctuality, safety and precision

Logistics of vehicles is the ability of precise planning, it is security found in solutions before there is any problem. Like in an overture there is no randomness, and all the necessary notes must played just in time to create the perfect harmony of sound. Logistics of vehicles is this harmony which meets punctuality, safety and precision forming a unity...

…which is DTS Fleet.

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Meet DTS Fleet

Our fleet is composed of reliable delivery vans in which every day in a safe way we provide our customers with the goods ordered by them. In our industry this reliability is crucial. Only the guarantee of security that we offer through it allows us to provide services that may fully satisfy our customers. The DTS Fleet provides services to the need for internal companies within the DTS Holding group. We have a fleet of over 115 trucks and vans which consists of up to 6 kinds of cars diversified in capacity. Some of our cars are additionally equipped with hydraulic tail lift to allow loading items weighing up to 2,000 kg. This allows us effective selection of cars to the specifics of each order and ensure its correct course.

of professionals

Our trucks are prepared for anything that can happen during the provision of transport services. Cars have specialized equipment which is a reliable tool for our work. Sets of straps, trolleys, GPS and CB radio, and anti-slip flooring are provided for each car. We have a diverse vehicles with a capacity of 3.5 to 24 tons.

In the interest of traffic safety we have created an original safe driving program - through which all traffic participants can inform us about the behavior of our cars and drivers. Based on the applications we can analyze and draw conclusions, control and improve the safety of our services.

Particular concern
for safety.

All cars are designed to carry delicate freight requiring precise fastening during transport. For each of the vehicles we provide professional protective equipment. This ensures that the transported goods will not be subjected to even the slightest damage. Our cars meet the applicable requirements of 2014 regulation of the European Parliament in relation to the level of pollutants emitted by heavy motor vehicles.

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Assurance of the highest quality

Our common history began its run 20 years ago when as a group of friends we bought the first van with the intention of the provision of transport services. Today we constitute the largest and most recognizable holding bringing together companies whose mission is to provide comprehensive removal services and home delivery services tailored to the needs of the most demanding customers. Despite the passage of years and the extraordinary way that we went together, one thing remained constant in us - a passion for what we do, reflected in the satisfaction of millions of customers.

DTS Holding was established as a consequence of the development and specialization of the DTS Transport company and DTS Pleasant Relocations. The portfolio of the DTS consists of removal services, home delivery, freight forwarding, storage and transport of bulky loads on the order of shops and other commercial institutions. Running a business in the form of capital group provides us various opportunities to optimize existing resources, the effect of which is the possibility to offer our customers better financial terms for cooperation. From the point of view of the customer to participate in the group of transport companies is a higher level of safety due to the possibility of mutual support, technological, personal and capital. The secret of our success lies in constant development as well as in adapting our offer to changing market demands and needs. It is the concern for the customer's satisfaction that for us is the most important thing which is a signpost of continuous development. Trust that is constantly bestowed upon us was built on solid foundations: a modern fleet of delivery trucks, professionally trained workers who regularly improve their qualifications as well as solidity and flexibility in the approach to customer needs. We work using the most modern logistics solutions and technology as well as continuously developed IT solutions so we are sure that the quality of our services is on the highest level.




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