On time. In place.

On time. In place.

As part of the transport service we offer:

Full truckload transport

Our company specializes in national FTL type of transport consisting of the transport of goods from the place of receipt to the point designated by the customer under the terms of a dedicated order.

Less than truckload transport

We carry partial cargo throughout Poland taking advantage of the modern fleet of trucks. With the combinig of several cargos we can reduce the price in terms of similar execution time.

Contract logistics

Through use of warehouse space located throughout the country we help our clients to deal with the full outsourcing of logistics services related to transportation, storage and distribution.

Nationwide storage network

Thanks to our extensive network of warehouses and logistics headquarters we can store customer goods regardless of its size or storage time. Furthermore, we are able to move it between warehouses.

In addition, we guarantee:

Punctual delivery

With our experience and professional logistics based on specialized IT systems we guarantee punctuality of carried delivery and supply of merchandise just in time indicated by customer in the course of execution of the order.

Many years of experience

20 years of presence in the industry has allowed us to continuously improve our skills as well as broaden the acquired knowledge. Thanks to our experience we are sure that our services are of the highest level.

Specialized staff

We employ only professional and experienced staff which is the basis of execution of orders in the service industry. Our employees are people constantly upgrading their skills, for whom customer satisfaction is the most important thing.

Professional equipment

In our resources we have special cars which include GPS location systems, fastening straps and bars for securing transported cargo, trolleys, anti-slip flooring and blankets.

Extensive network of branches

Our network of branches located in major cities in Poland allows us to be constantly close to our customers where an extensive and efficient organization is a guarantee of effective implementation allows us shortening of distance, time and reduction of prices.

Insurance of services and transport

We approach goods ordered by the customer with utmost care. In our activity we offer a full range of coverage from both damage caused during the service as well as during transportation of the goods to the customer.

Highest quality

Our extraordinary commitment to quality of our services folows the attention of customer satisfaction. Thanks to the implemented ISO 9001:2008 procedures as well as continuous quality control of our orders we care about serenity and satisfaction of our customers.

Reliable fleet

Efficient and reliable cars are guarantee of puntual deliveries. Our fleet, its status and reliability define industry standards. Each car is equipped with a satellite GPS monitoring, straps and non-slip mats.

Call Center service

Our Call Center department is at permanent disposal of customers so that we not only monitor the quality and progress of execution of our services but also answer any questions and deal with any service complaints.

Complaint management

Our employees deal with complex complaint management based on reception of orders complaint, classification of damaged goods, repacking and protection of returned goods in transit.

Diverse operational support

The course of service is supervised by a team who is in constant contact with the customer through various communication channels. It is not only the care of coordinator executing the service but also the quality department and Call Center employees.


Security guarantee is not only offered as an insurance but it is also peace that we guarantee our customers who have decided to entrust the realization of services to our professionals. Thanks to us our customers don't need to worryabout any aspect of service implementation.

Also check out our new Home Delivery service!

Home Delivery service is aimed at both owners of online and stationary stores. We provide delivery of ordered goods to customers expanded by a comfortable additional services. Team of two professionals will deliver, unpack, make a small assembly and installation, set in a designated place, throw unnecessary packaging, as well as dispose any waste equipment.


In the service industry professional team is essential. We believe that only a permanent staff can carry out the mission of our company. Our employees are trained professionals that you can trust.


Efficient and reliable fleet of vehicles is a guarantee of punctuality. Our fleet, its status and reliability define industry standards. Each car is equipped with a system of GPS satellite monitoring, straps and non-slip mats.

quality control

In the interest of the highest quality service delivered by our company we control execution of contracts using modern solutions examining the quality and customer satisfaction.


We provide transport services in the field of transportation of partial and full truck cargos. We transport loads using refrigerated vehicles, tarpaulins and curtains. Shipments are realized using cars with a wide range of capacity.

Full truckload transport

In the field FTL transport services we offer our customers safe carriage of goods under the service dedicated especially for them. Transport is carried from the place of receipt to the destination point. Our company guarantees punctuality, safety and utmost care during the execution of the order.

Less than truckload transport

We also provide LTL services or partial supply of goods throughout the country. The advantage of this service is carriage of small cargo. With this service our customers get not only attractive price offer but also a safe and punctual delivery to the destination.

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We carry the following groups of goods:

Neutral goods
Goods requiring temperature control
Nonstandard goods
Attractive prices

Due to the large number of orders and our own transportation network that we develop we are able to offer attractive price conditions by combining orders thanks to the joint planning of routes. We also have an alternating traffic between our warehouses located throughout the country.

Punctuality of delivery

We are aware of fact that in the trading time counts which is why we offere transport service of full and partial transport focused on minimizing time of execution. We achieve this goal by skillful route planning and logistics processes as well as appropriate grouping of supply due to zones of delivery.

Specialized logistics

Years of experience have allowed us to achieve excellent planning practice starting from loading of the goods through transportation to unloading process. Thanks to support of cutting-edge technology as well as the work of an experienced staff we are sure that the efficiency of our supply is at the highest level.


Transportation of goods entrusted to us is treated with the utmost care. Our cars are equipped with all the security systems that allow us to deliver the goods without any damage. This ensures that the minimization of loss factor translates to maximizing of customers satisfaction.

Warehouses and logistics centers

We have our own extensive network of warehouses and logistics centers located throughout Poland. Thanks to this fact we can provide professional services related to warehouse logistics.

We have 3 logistics centers located in Warsaw, Lodz and Sosnowiec and a network of warehouses in Ozarow Mazowiecki, Krakow, Katowice, Wroclaw, Lublin, Poznan, Bialystok, Bydgoszcz and Szczecin.

As part of storage service we offer:

• managing an order at entry and exit from the magazine,

• short-term and long-term storage,

• completing of orders,

• packing according to customer's needs,

• fault management,

• repacking,

• distribution.


The distribution service of goods is a complex logistical process. Products ordered by customers of sales salons are transported to our central warehouse in which sorting and planning of distribution takes place. Then the product is transported to customer. As part of this service in addition to transport and distribution we also provide bringing and installation service - depending on the customer's needs.

Warehouse managment system

Our warehouse management system allows us to comprehensively and professionally manage the storage area, storaged goods and to monitor transfers between clients and branches of warehouses.

Contract logistics

Contract logistics is a key element of modern distribution chain based on outsourced logistic process. With this solution companies that do not have specialized fleet as well as companies that want to entrust extensive transportation process gain the ability of fluent product distribution throughout the country and abroad.


Process delivery with one click

Our task is to simplify the process of distribution for our customers. At DTS we realize how complex the process of delivery of goods to the business and the individual customers is. Therefore by meeting the expectations of our clients we offer a comprehensive contract logistics aimed at full outsourcing of receipt of goods from the customer, security of storage as well as distribution throughout the country. We want to condense this complex process to a single click thus giving our customers the opportunity of full long-term logistics based on the resources of an experienced company of DTS.

Within contract logistics, we offer full warehouse and delivery service from the receipt of goods from the customer to the final process of its distribution.

Receiving goods
from client

Thanks to a specialized process of picking the goods as well as its classification, we are able to carry out rapid process of receiving goods from the customer in accordance with his catalog system. The received goods are subject to the completion as well as the transport by cars equipped with all systems designed to minimize any damage (including non-slip mats, straps and many others).

Storage and protection
of goods

The received goods are subject to the satisfactory completion process and then they are cataloged and put in the storage system with the aim of efficient give out. Each element is secured in the storage so that we are 100% sure that the goods received from the client will go to his customers intact.

distribution service

Stored goods are subject to process of picking and security for transport means. Then they are distributed to business customers and individuals. A key role in the distribution plays a DTS logistics planning system the aim of which is to deliver the goods on time and in compliance with all recommendations of the customer.


Security held in the form of insurance policies and warranty that customer receives from us in a form of a guarantee for performed services shows the care with which the company approaches the customer goods.

Business liability insurance

Business liability insurance against all risks of loss or damage of property during work to the amount of PLN 1 million.

Road carrier insurance

Road carrier liability insurance in national and international transport covers damages caused during transport involving the loss or damage of the consignment to the amount of PLN 3 million.

Forwarder's liability insurance

Forwarder's liability insurance covers all damage caused during the execution of the forwarding agreement involving the loss or damage of the consignment.

Our fleet

DTS Group has a fleet of more than 115 standardized vans from Mercedes Benz which performs every day transport services for its customers. All our cars are designed to carry delicate freight, requiring precise fastening during transport. Each vehicle is provided with:

• set of straps,
• blankets used to isolate individual elements,
• GPS, CB radio and other communication devices,
• anti-slip flooring,
• container body type.

We attach great importance to the security of cargo. The average age of our vehicles does not exceed 3 years. Our fleet and its state is regularly inspected at authorized service stations. In addition, our cars meet Euro 5 emissions standard.

Team Member
Tandem IVECO + trailer
90 m3, DMC 28T

This set is used for large international shipments. Its cubic capacity and volume are successful enough to carry almost any quantity of goods at the end of the world.

Team Member
45 m3, DMC 12000 kg

Truck of such class is destined to perform the toughest tasks. Equipped with an elevator with a capacity of 2T can safely carry any load, both at home and abroad.

Team Member
35 m3, DMC 7500 kg

Truck for city logistics. Thanks to its total mass - 7.5T it can enter the city without special permits. The large capacity make it the primary mean of transport for larger services.

Team Member
Mercedes Sprinter container
18 m3, DMC 3.5T

The largest group of cars in our fleet. Ideal for city logistics. Container body type eases loading and safe fixation of goods. Each truck is equipped with straps and bars for fastening delicate cargo such as furniture and home electronics / appliances.

Team Member
Mercedes Sprinter furgon
12 m3, DMC 3.5T

These cars excel at long distances. Their main advantages are small combustion, high speed and comfort. Thanks to them employees can quickly and safely deliver cargo to the destination point.

Team Member
Peugeot Partner
3 m3, DMC 2.5T

This is the smallest vehicle in our fleet. Used in the supply of small deliveries to the customers. Often used by teams of employees, as a means of personal transport.

A wide range of used vehicles allows us to offer the vehicle precisely tailored to the needs of the customer during the service.


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